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    Parts of Britain will be blessed by warm and clement weather over the Bank Holiday weekend, but seeking it out will be as stressful as ever. Engineering works are planned on vast stretches of railway and 18 million motorists are expected to clog up the the roads.

    The Met Office has forecast that temperatures will rise in some parts to 22C (72F) as the sun manages to break through a band of cloud sweeping across the country.

    According to the RAC, congestion on the roads will be worst around out-of-town DIY and furniture stores. Of those staying at home, 86 per cent are expected to take advantage of the long weekend to go shopping for home improvements.

    The RAC predicts that areas affected will include the A23 Purley Way, Croydon, South London; A406 North Circular at Brent Cross, North London; A406 North Circular at Edmonton, North London; the A13/M25 interchange, Essex; and the A635 Manchester Road, Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester.

    The AA said that 18 million motorists were likely to take to the roads over the three-day break, with the average journey lasting 135 miles. It also said that it expected to deal with 55,000 breakdowns.

    Motorists lured by the good weather in the West of England, the Lake District, Blackpool, the Midlands and Norfolk are also expected to encouter traffic jams. The warnings came as a report found that drivers spend an average of 2½ days a year stuck in traffic jams. About 20 per cent endure tailbacks that take five hours to clear, Zurich Insurance found.

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