ref which one.

Sep 10, 2017
North Brum
Funster No
A Class
Right then, I will try and keep this short.
Fitted two new 90ah Varta batteries to the van, fitted a BM1 Compact to monitor the batteries. I reckon we will only be "off grid" for max 4 days at a time.
We want (well I want she don't care and the woof just needs food and walks) a flat Solar panel or two so the weight is less than a "big one" and we have less parasite drag on the roof.
The question is which one?
I like these but seem expensive.
These seem OK
I also know a few Funsters have used these people...

So how do I decide???
Old enough to appreciate quality but still don't want to pay over the odds for stuff. Pretty set on using the LRM 1218 controller as this is plug n play on my panel and will also charge the engine battery whilst van is stored.
Many thanks in advance.