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    Hi all
    This morning tried 3 different comparison sites to get cheap and simple breakdown cover for my partners wee car. Tried 2 different companies on each site. Without exception each comparison site directed me to the providers website but would not let me complete. One kept indicating name was wrong, one would not accept bank card and the third just directed you to a website page with a phone number. The first two sites, interestingly, on the chuck out window also prominently displayed a number to phone.

    My partner went straight into 'there must be something wrong with my card' etc etc. I said, "hold on, let us just try a 'Direct' site that does not subscribe to comparison sites". No problems were encountered. Straightforward and simple and only £2.00 more than the cheapest comparison site quote.

    Any one else had similar?
    I certainly shall not bother with them again.
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    Jul 27, 2015
    Hi @Steveboy, I don't think that the comparison sites are a silver-bullet, is owned by Admiral (as are half the companies that appear as "the best" - Elephant, Diamond, Bell direct..., the rest seem to be owned by eSure), is owned by BGL Group who are also a large insurande company with their own itinerary.

    Admiral sent me a renewal notice for no.1 son's car once for a shocking price, I went onto confused and it came out at about sixty percent of what they'd quoted but, as you found, it wouldn't let me buy through the internet (including any of the subidiaries which was how I found out that they were all Admiral). I called them and asked for an explanation and was told that it was to do with an outstanding claim. I had put the details including the "reserve amount" for the claim into the site so they honoured the web price but like many insurance companies their business model seems to be get you in and then hope you won't notice or are too lazy to shop around whilst they hike the price up over the years.
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