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    Aug 30, 2012
    Roobarb land
    well after a full week of ringing round all the insurance company's again
    We end up staying with comfort
    Renewal for this year is £385:confused:
    Up over hundred quid on last year due to extras in policy
    10.000 mile per year up from 4.000
    And full euro recovery by RAC (not in last year as we where never far from home )
    9 months in van max
    180 days in any one country
    £20 for green card for morroco

    Plus one bloody edorsment 3 points
    And for some reason they won't cover Bosnia at all so we ain't going (not in EEC)
    We did get some quotes a little cheaper down around £320 mark but using recovery company's I had never heard off and more rules about how long we could be away on any one trip plus one clown wanted £50 for green card

    Now to tell Elaine I have been spending money again :rolleyes:
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