Coleman Event Shelter with Sides...

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  1. Bryan


    Jul 19, 2007
    ...for sale ::bigsmile:

    Before I put it on ebay I thought I'd see if any Funsters are interested.

    Fabulous for meets, or bbq's or pretty much any outdoor event.

    There are two sizes of event shelter made by Coleman and this is the larger of the two at 4.5 x 4.5m (approx. 15' x 15')

    Included are two sides and they are both 'Sunwall Doors', with windows and entry zips (not the cheaper solid walls)

    Only been used once - and that was a motorhomefun meet :thumb::Cool:

    In excellent condition.

    Also available are two more Sunwall Doors and these are brand new and unopened

    New the Event Shelter with 2 x Sunwall Doors would cost approx. £190
    The most recent ad for a used one on ebay (item 180922905818) was £137 but that was with only 1 x Sunwall Door.

    So I will take £155 + delivery or you are free to collect.

    If you want the extra 2 x new Sunwall Doors then I will take £200 + delivery (or free collection) for the lot.

    Would cost over £250 new

    First two pictures are of the actual item for sale, the others are for illustrative purposes only :Smile:





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