Classifieds sell nearly 500k


Jul 19, 2007
Sutton on Sea
Funster No
C Class Diesel RV
Since 1990
According to the figures in our classified section we have almost sold half a million quids worth of motorhomes and stuff:Eeek:

I am sure that when some people take their advert down, they say it has sold even if it didn't sell here, but even so, its a staggering figure. But then I suppose you don't have to sell too many £30,000 motorhomes to reach those high figures.

We now have over 1200 individual motorhome enthusiasts look at the site every single day, that is better than most of the magazines and the number rises weekly. I know that recently some members have only joined to use the classifieds which is a shame, but inevitable because it is completely free for members to use. So if you have got something to sell, give it a go here. Ebay it isn't but with so many people seeing your advert, and because its free, its silly not to try it here first:thumb:

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