Chinese Sat Nav Problem With Poi File In Resourse

Discussion in 'GPS Navigation' started by lunarman, May 11, 2015.

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    This thread is aimed at anyone who has downloaded the poi file for the Chinese Sat Nav from resources or anyone whose Sat Nav I updated at Peterborough.

    I have discovered that there is a problem with the Archies-camping2015 file that causes the sat Nav to appear to loose all of its poi.

    I suggest that you delete all of the files for archies camping 2015 poi in the folder content/userdata/poi (there should be 4 of them) . If you have an archies camping file without the 2015 suffix then you need to take no action.

    Sorry for the inconvenience I will try to correct the file when I return from France in 6 weeks or whilst I am a away if I get the time.

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