Checklist between trips



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Found this list useful for when storing your RV between camping trips, do the following:

Shut off propane
Shut off battery power (12 volt)
Empty waste tanks
Empty refrigerator (doors ajar, baking soda)
Check fresh water tank (drain only for extended storage)
Close all windows and vents (consider a vent cover which allows air circulation but keeps water out)
Close window coverings (out of sight, out of mind; also keeps coach cooler and protects from sun damage)
Lock all doors (entry and storage)
For travel trailers, consider a heavy duty lock for the tongue

Then, to get it ready for travel, do the following:

Plug into shore power
Turn on 12 volt power (battery)
Check all detectors: smoke, propane, carbon monoxide
Turn on propane
Purge air from propane lines by lighting stove burners (30 to 60 seconds) and activating furnace until hot air is produced, then shut off
Light refrigerator first on propane; once you are assured it operates on Propane, switch to Auto (requires overnight to fully cool down)
Check monitor panel (battery level, tank levels)
Add water to fresh water tank as needed
Turn on water pump, open cold faucet first, then hot, purge any air
Light water heater
Check tire pressure
Check lights inside and out (including headlights, taillights, turn signals, clearance lights)
Check all fluid levels in motorized RVs
Check oil level in generator
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