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Discussion in 'Motorhome Storage' started by magicsurfbus, Oct 23, 2010.

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    A cautionary tale - I stored my MH on a CASSOA registered farm site for five years, paying six months in advance until March, when for some reason I paid 12 months in advance. At no point did the site send us any form of contract or written terms and conditions.

    This summer I had the chance to switch the MH to a site much closer to home, so I notified the existing site in mid July of my plan to cancel and move by early September, expecting to pay until the end off that month, which was six months into the time I'd paid for in March. However, I was told they had a no refund policy, even though no such policy had been shown to me in print.

    I queried this, and they eventually 'compromised' and refunded me three months, leaving me £75 out of pocket for storage I didn't use, despite my giving two months notice of leaving their site.

    Not a fortune I know, but learn from my error - firstly check the small print in your contract, and if there's no contract, ask to see their written terms and conditions regarding notice to quit and refunds before committing yourself. Secondly, don't pay anything more than the required minimum up front.

    You live and learn.

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