Cheap Longterm Site Alicante


Jan 9, 2013
Plympton, Devon
Funster No
PVC, Murvi Morocco
At the last site we stayed, which was near Alicante at a place called El Campello we met a British guy who had been on the site for 9 months but was going to move to a nearby site which he said was spotless and had a pool and bar. What was interesting was he had negotiated a long-term rate of 240 euros a month, which at 8 euros a day seems, in my limited experience of these things very cheap. Electric was extra and metered I believe. He was currently paying 300 euros a month but it was going to increase to 340.

The site is called El Jardin and is in the ACSI book as #2331. Coords N 38 23' 35" W 0 24' 55"

I didn't visit it but it sounds good and for a cheap place to stay sounds ideal. There was a supermarket within walking distance and a sandy beach.

You can pay more for some aires in Spain I believe.
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