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Discussion in 'Chausson' started by cellojane, Apr 29, 2010.

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    Oct 6, 2009
    Has anyone had problems with the electrics in their Chausson? Ours is a flash s3 09 reg and we have had no end of problems with batteries and fuses blowing. The dealer realised that Chausson had put in a second car battery rather than leisure battery and hence it wasn't charging - now have a leisure battery fitted! Thought it was sorted and then turned up to find a flat car and leisure battery - AA man had to use his main and aux to jump start it was sooo flat! The dealer looked at it again this week and found 3 blown fuses so replaced them- they've been very helpful and tried to sort everything out. Obviously I'm worried that replacing blown fuses isn't necessary the answer (why did they blow??). Today we found the leisure battery has a fuse that was blown and we replaced that(don't know if it was one of the 3 that the dealer replaced two days ago). Now all batteries appear to be charging off mains and the engine so hopefully it all may be working.
    We're new to motorhomes but did feel that getting a 6month old van with warranty would save us this kind of hassle - why is this all going wrong with a new van?!
    Has anyone had similar problems and if so what was your resolution???
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    :Sad: have had similar issues with our chausson 96 09 there are two fusses in our van one for the left side and one for the right, one fuse blew the service engineer at rdh services chris parnill replace it we think the cause may be in the bed electricks as both beds do not work [raise/lower, we have had a few niggling problems but they are presently being sorted, leaking bathroom sink / waste [tack weld cracked allowing water to seep out,edge banding coming away from work station , laminate lifting on table [cracked][sink/cooker, just had six weeks away so when its repaired 2 weeks we are off again,
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    Dec 12, 2010
    We bought a Welcome 35 in May 2010 and have had no electrical problems at all.
    However, the Transit base vehicle does have an unusual battery set up in that it has a split charge relay incorporated into the base vehicle battery fuse box.
    Of the two 70ah starter batteries under the driver's seat, one of them is isolated from the chassis cab when the ignition is switched off, so that one battery then becomes used as an auxillary (leisure) battery.
    The three 'customer connections' (all protected by 60a fuses) to the rear left of the seat base are what the motorhome converter connects to for the caravan power supply. These are connected to that 70ah 'auxillary' starter battery.
    In our 'van, one of these customer connectors is used for the parallel connection of the lesiure battery under the passenger seat. Another one is connected to what appears to be a CBE split-charge relay. In effect, the auxillary starter battery and the leisure battery are connected, in parallel to this relay.
    This CBE 'split charge' relay fitted by Chausson behind the driver's seat is used in this application purely as an isolator to the caravan body electrics. This is switched on and off by either the alternator charging or the main switch on the control panel over the caravan door, via the CBE control box.
    All this was discovered whilst fitting our Sterling battery-to-battery charger and traction battery bank from our previous motorhome.
    It all works, after a fashion, but having two 115ah traction batteries, a 75ah leisure battery and a 70ah starter battery (the ford-fitted 'auxillary battery under the driver's seat) all in parallel whilst parked up isn't ideal!
    I'll be making changes to the battery set up once the 'van is out of warranty!

    It might be worth ensuring the workshop is aware of the oddities of the base vehicle electrics when fault finding.

    Hope this helps , Jon
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    Dec 5, 2008
    Any battery will work, a leisure battery is little different to a starter battery.

    Fuses should NEVER blow. They are there to stop fires due to melted cables when a serious malfunction occurs, like when Alfred Plonker drives a nail right through the main cables.

    Can't help with you model apart from telling you that replacing fuses is just a waste of time and it could be worse if they up the fuse rating to try and "cure" it.
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    Feb 13, 2008

    You need to find out what is happening. I would want to start monitoring what current is being drawn by the electrical equipment. I would be testing each item in turn to see if any of them are taking more current than expected. I would be investigating the circuits that keep blowing fuses and I would be asking what you were doing at the time they blew.

    Some investigation is needed to find the cause, replacing fuses is just masking the problem.

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