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    Ihave a low line Chausson 09 on a fiat just out of warranty ,I have had a look for first time on the top and across the roof at the back of the front doors there is a bead this looks to cover a joint in the roof .It runs across the van from side to side. It would appear water is standing along the edge of this bead instead of running of, Could anyone tell if this is normal? many thanks dorry.
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    I have a low-profile Welcome 85, it does the same at the side where the over cab joins the flat part of the roof. It hasn't leaked there during three years of ownership, although it did leak when the roof edge caps lifted slightly.

    Chaussons come with a 5 year water ingress warranty, BUT, you will have to have proof of annual habitation and damp checks.

    Best to report your concerns to your supplying dealer and make sure he makes a written record. Better still send a recorded delivery letter with the details and ask for a reply and keep a copy of the letter your self.

    Above all keep your dealer informed and 'sweet'!

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