Charlie guide to maintaining the Snow foam lance.

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    It seems one or two members have had problems with the performance of the Snow foam lance.

    Firstly it is very unusual for problems to occur but these are hard working tools that have to deal with a harsh environment . Some of the chemicals that we put through them can take their toll so the odd clean is required,

    There are two issues to look out for.

    1 Is the general performance dropping off. We still get foam but its just not as good and even turning the mixture up wont restore it to full performance. This will be due to the stainless steel mesh clogging up. Anything that goes into the mix bottle or comes through the water supply will have to go through that mesh . The mesh is responsible for creating the foam as the mixture is forced though it at high pressure. If the mesh starts to clog the foam cannot be as good as it should be and performance will drop.
    The mesh is part number 9 in the diagram below . The diagram shows where it is so its an easy strip down to get it out. Cleaning is simply washing it in clean water and picking any fluff or debris off its rear facing surface. It is not a directional item so don't worry which way round it goes back in.

    The other issue is no foam. Or little foam. This is due to the flow restrictor or above the pick up pipe that goes into the mix bottle. Part number 22 needs to be removed and cleared. Often wee shards of plastic left over from when the plastic mix bottle get jammed into part 22. The hole above this part must also be checked and cleared with a strand of wire or something very thin. Its though this part which is a restrictor rather than a jet the mixture gets pulled up before being forced though the above mentioned gauze. Blocked part 22 or the hole above it means very poor foam output .

    The only other part that benefits from a clean is the main jet part 20 . This restricts the flow of water from your Power washer down to what the foam lance can cope with. It screws out/in and again can clog. It looks like stainless steel but its plated mild steel so do not be tempted to imerce it in Cillit bang or any caustic cleaners. Just make sure its clear and pop it back in.

    Please take care when assembling the brass parts on these lances. Dont over-tighten as they strip or break easily.

    On threads use PTFE tape to ensure a nice drip free joint. This does not apply to internal parts just the outside casing joints.

    Lastly the mix bottle is the same thread as many household or automotive product bottles , So if you get unlucky and damage it or want a larger or smaller one try some of the product bottles that normally go in the recycling bin..

    Hope this helps.


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