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  1. skiptonmel

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    feeling little sheepish at moment.
    in a rush of blood at pickering show, we changed our bessie 410 for a liberty 642, fixed bed. a big mistake, now decided to cut losses, sell the liberty, we are looking at an elddis
    180, anybody have any info on this model any news is welcome,

    thanks in anticipation

  2. ourcampersbeentrashed

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    Welcome to motorhome fun, and dont feel sheepish every one of us was new once.

    Its a lovely website with very helpful and friendly members.

    Sorry cant help answer your question,

    But am really interested to know why you found the one you bought such a great mistake as we are thinking of upgrading to one with a fixed bed and have looked at a few including bessacar
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    dont're not the first to buy without thinking, i speak from experience.....:Blush: we lost £5k on our first m/h after 6 months.:Eeek:

    now does anyone make a coachbuilt WITHOUT a dinnette...what a waste of space.:Angry: sooner have a bigger kitchen area or seperate shower.
  4. theresa

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    Mar 9, 2008
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    near falmouth cornwall
    we have a elddis autostratus fb. we love the van had a few probs with water comeing in but thats all done now the other half did not want to buy a elddis but now we have had her for 2 years and is ok with it, a nice van to drive , good luck with yours
  5. Douglas

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    Aug 22, 2008
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    South Wales,
    Swift group, Eldis

    We are on our second Swift van now and our first was an Eldis and more or less 4 years full time my comment is this

    I would never ever have anything to do with a Swift product again, I am continualy doing repairs and replacements on our 6 year old Suntor, the Eldiss was just the same, falling apart arround us.

    Things like garage door falling off, light switches failing, cuboard doors falling off, lanamation in the body skins and water taps falling apart in our hands, that was the latest one 2 days ago.

    If I ever buy another van it will be from the continent and not from the UK.

    Doug and Sandra, Algarve, Portugal

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