Changing MH.. ££ options?

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    Nov 8, 2011
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    Advice please. Due to increasing disability issues we need to change our 2013 Rapido 891M. We think it should sell reasonably easily as it's relatively new A-class with low mileage on a Merc chassis. Rapidos now only come on Fiats.

    BTW, we also know exactly the new MH we want. It's an Auto-Sleeper so various dealers will have it.

    Options that I can think of:-

    1. Wokingham Motorhomes who we bought from new have offered to do a Commission sale @12%.
    2. Sell privately. We are really not sure about selling privately, as there are so many horror stories out there and the stress seems a bit too much.
    3. Do a trade in on a 2016 model at the NEC either in Oct or Feb, not sure which is best.
    4. Do a trade in now on a 'Used' 2015 model with 10 miles on the clock, but a lower spec.
    5. Do a cash deal rather than a trade in, by following options 1 or 2.
    6. Don't know... Any other suggestions?

    So, your thoughts as to the best way to go, would be much appreciated. Thanks, Mary.
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    Dec 11, 2013
    Well at least you have a few option.

    You might as well have the spec you want unless the deal is too good to miss and you can live with the missing spec.
    Commission sale vs trade in for 2016 model depends on the numbers involved really.

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