Changes to C1 test vehicle requirments.

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    Just a couple of days left to give your views on the following consultation:

    "Changes to motorcycle, lorry and bus driving licence and driving test vehicle rules"

    where there is a relevant section on Non-Professional C1 licence vehicle requirements which if the UK adopted would mean you could take your C1 test in a vehicle without a tacho. Currently the DSA does not intend to adopt this article as the cost/benefit would they believe not be good enough.

    I am no expert but I would think that it would allow one to take the C1 test on ones own motorhome without having to have a tacho. Which would save hiring another vehicle for the test.

    Not a subscriber so I can't search to see if this has been asked before (same on other motorhome forums - no subscribe no search) so apols if it has been mentioned earlier.:Eeek:
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    I can not believe they will let someone who has passed their test in an automatic artic drive a 16 speed splitter :Doh:
    Accidents and hold ups here we come :Angry:
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    This stems from a EU directive to enable users of Motorhomes to drive vehicles over 3500kg to 7500kg without the need to understand tacho regulations and UK/continental goods vehicle regulations.

    "changes to the test for non-professional medium-sized lorry drivers (category C1) as shown on the licence by a new restriction code"

    The licence would be marked restricted and the user could not drive such a vehicle commercially.

    A lot of manufacturers are artificially lowering the MIRO weight of motorhomes to enable B licence driver to buy them, but they are shockingly short of payload.
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