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Feb 18, 2014
Oxfordshire - edge of the cotswolds
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just back after Easter and thought following to be useful
MUTIGNY, near Epernay -
Pro-beautiful views over the vineyards.
Cons- High up, hilly windy climb to access ( hence beautiful view) and not easy to find if it dark as it is in the middle of know where
Coming from Calais direction, following sat nav takes you under a low, narrow bridge - just made it
Limited space to manoeuvre and park if over 7m

FRONCLES - lovely setting, great for €3 night ( excluding EHU, but is available)
Limited space availability due to 4 permanent campers , including one with full safari room and caravan with winter covering
Boulangereie van arrives very very loudly about 9 am
Town is dead, just a tabac ( limited bizarre opening hours), a doner kebab outlet, hairdresser . Carrefour express very good though, modern clean, great meat counter, veg selection and wine!

REIMS- very very noisy setting, behind youth hostel accessed by a code obtained from reception. Once accessed via barrier and single lane road it was completely full with no turning space ( as also occupied) and had to reverse 500m and around a corner out.
If anyone knows an alternative or even park and ride to visit the city, greatly appretiated

Coucy chateau l'auffrique - great views of what was once Frances 3rd most visited attraction after Versailles and mont St Michael, before being destroyed along with the town in WW1. 10 minute hill walk to visit old town,worth the journey, access limited in m/h by height and width stone entry gates! Small hotel, la Bellevue served great traditional French fare,very reasonable, village square Also had tabac with bar and a creperie.
Lovely aire, clean toilets, (code entry)EHU , marked bays with grass and picnic tables €5 a night. Boulangerie 2 minutes away - delicious croissants
Jul 29, 2014
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Thanks for the info, will use it on our trip next week.


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Jun 30, 2013
Cotes d'armor, France
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We have been to the aire at Mutigny a few times, glorious views. First time, it had just opened and we were there on our own. Last two times we were joined by a few more vans but had no trouble manoeuvring our 7.2 metre van. Accessing the service point makes for a few minutes of interesting reversing though!

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Jul 17, 2012
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Interesting that you mention Froncles.
We loved the place some years back. Went there this year and drove straight out again. It is totally ruined by permanent residents and lack of upkeep. It was previously star rated by Vacarious books. I hope they have down rated it

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