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    Nov 29, 2009
    I am still not getting best use from cb. Swr meter says all is ok. But it ain't. I still think it's an earth problem. Aerial fixed to offside wing. Renault traffic.(old one) but main body is alaminium. And set is fixed to plastic dash board,,,, ????could do i need to earth set, should I run an earth from base of aerial as well. Have used sets in trucks and van conversions for years,,, why not this one. ???? Or does any one want a complete set up ?????????? But only if nobody gives me the answer,,, :cry::cry::cry:
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    aerial on o/s front wing....best reception from near side rear.....ground plane effect

    if your SWR meter is working then theres nothing wrong in that department.

    SWR (standing wave ratio) is the amount of reflected power being sent back down the aerial....too much reflected power, ie: SWR of 2 or 3 to 1, and the output transistor fries if the mike key is held for any length of time.

    1.3 to 1 is an acceptable ratio.

    the set is already earthed via the power lead so could even be handheld and still work.

    is the aerial properly earthed....paint scraped off the wing both above and below the panel....to shiney metal and the SWR set on a mid range channel...ie: channel 20.
    this allows a little wandering as you change up or down channels....the swr alters as you change channels.
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