Carioca M/H step height

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    Dec 1, 2013
    south ayrshire
    Hi guys, never got a reply to the prob of the excessive height 70cm (if you are an oldie) of the floor of the Carioca 5 berth and the pretty useless electric step to allow you to get in which again is too high for comfort getting in and too low getting out. The solution I came up with was to adapt our existing double step which is the standard 38cm high and fit it with adjustable feet raising it to 46cm. I purchased from the bay 4 x 30mm square M10 x 60mm Adjustable Feet & Threaded Inserts Cabinet Table Cupboard" and BZP Stud Connectors Long Nuts Threaded Bar Rod M10 and 10 M10 stainless nuts. The box section of the double step was 30mm x 20mm so careful use of a hacksaw was employed to make the adjustable feet inserts fit the step - once hammered into the legs of the step the threaded rod with adjustable feet was reinforced by screwing on the 10mm threaded rod and 10mm nuts. So far it seems to work OK and was necessary as the M/H was unusable my wife being infirm and almost blind but she can now manage to get in and out with a little help and reassurance. Hope this info may be of some use, dru
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