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Discussion in 'UK Touring' started by Munchie, Oct 16, 2010.

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    We often use CC club sites in winter when we need hook up and I have to say the CC sites are among the best. The thing is we are on a private site (affiliated to both the CC and CCC) and I am gobsmacked! Usually the showers etc on CC sites are pristine till the weekend and all the kids arrive. Then we find there is wee all over the floor around the urinals, muddy footprints all over even in the showers and toilet paper strewn all over the place.
    Kids are on holiday all the week we have been here and the showers and toilets are immaculate:Eeek::thumb:.
    I suppose I am asking "why is this so"? Why should this site be different? It is a massive site with hundreds of pitches for tourers and loads of holiday statics.

    I know that kids will be kids it is just that the difference is so stark.:Smile:
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    Leeds UK
    Love your blog. I wish I was a walker - you seem to see such lovely sights.
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    Must admit that all CC sites that we have visited have had clean toilet facilities - probably because we tend to be there out of school holidays and mainly on Adult only sites.:Smile:
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    We stay on CC sites and have always remarked on how clean the shower and toilet facilities are even when there are lots of kids around. I think its down to a number of factors including the wardens and the visitors to the site.

    During the summer we were staying at a CC site which was imaculate and the wardens were very friendly and helpful. One evening I went to wash the dishes and the attachments from the Cadac at the dish washing area. I had passed it earlier and it was immaculate. However when I arrived with the washing up one of the areas was a real mess with a greasy scum left all over the area where someone had obviously washed their bbq grill. I washed my dishes etc and before I left I also cleaned up the greasy area - all it needed was a squirt of fairy liquid and wash down with the very plentiful hot water, something that the previous user could have done too. My reason for doing this is that people tend to go by example and left in the greasy state the next users may have left it in the same state or worse. My other reason was that I did not want anyone else to think that I had left the area in a state after I had used it (paranoid or what! lol).


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