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Caravan Club (large outfits)

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Jul 26, 2007
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In this months CC magazine on page 8 it has a number of sites that cannot accommodate large vehicles or phone in advance (I alway do it) but goes on to mention that some sites may require you to pay for 2 pitches.


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Hi John

This is one of the many reasons why I think we will be unable to continue our membership with them.

We do not get the same value for money as caravanners! And no discount offered :ROFLMAO:


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Jul 28, 2007
Landrake, Cornwall
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:swear:The Caravan Club has always been upfront about paying for two pitches for one RV BUT that only occurs where an RV visibly overhangs into another pitch behind it.:Sad:

The 3C Club have always been upfront by saying that if an RV overhangs it's own pitch the Club will charge an extra £6.95 - (last year).:Sad:

Ther are plenty of sites around the Country that will take large vehicles so I pesonally think it is fair that you should pay extra if you take up more than you fair share of Pitches.

What I do not agree with is the 'Irk' who told me a little while ago, when I asked him if he had a pitch for me - that if I went onto his site then I would pay double anyway because if I could afford to drive an RV I could afford to pay him double!:Angry:

I didn't bother to stay on his site BUT was flabbergasted when, as we were about to leave the office, he asked if I would mind advertising his rally field for RV's.:thumbdown::swear:

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Aug 5, 2007
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Caravan Club


I too am not a member of the Caravan Club. I made a booking and declared myself as a 30 feet unit. Actually it is 29, but that matters not. On arrival at the site, the office was closed and I was greeted with a sign stating

"We are closed until XXXX. Please pitch and then return to the office at XXX".

Seems fair enough - but as all the larger pitches were in use - often by smaller units, I could not pitch. As it happened, a couple were packing up and so I took their pitch after a bit of a wait.

This does not happen with the Camping and Caravanning Club as when I make a booking, I have to declare my length (OOOO - Errrr - missus) and as such when I arrive on site, the staff take me to a suitable pitch. Simple as that.

It is a shame as I am told the site at Worksop is excellent. I really liked the Knaresboro' site, but it seems that it is possible you could arrive and not be accommodated.


Note - if I was taking up two pitches - I would expect to pay as such.


Nov 28, 2007
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While my reason for not continuing with my membership was not because of the size situation, its really because i think they are a product of their own success in that when i have tried to book for certain weekends at the more wanted sites they are nearly always fully booked which I am sure is due to their successful campaigns at raising their membership levels.

However, that success does not help or meet with my needs therefore i see no reason for continuing with paying them for somethink that they cannot provide when i need/want it ??.

In most cases i have had to revert to using privately owned campsites, and as for the savings on ferries i have always been able to find the same or cheaper fares for the times i want to go, and my insurance is with Safeguard which includes everything i want, therefore i see no reason for the £30+ membership ?? of either of the clubs


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Found what looks like a GREAT site in the east midlands, especially for RVs.

They are actually willing to BUILD me a pitch to whatever size I wish.

I'm due to visit them next week and will reveal all then (once Ive got my seasonal pitch picked and building starts :ROFLMAO:).


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I'm looking for somewhere I can be assured of some regular LGV driving work this year.

I've found several places with seasonal spaces - all ranging from £44 to £94 a week.

This particular location called me in the week and asked me to visit so he could show me what space he had available and to discuss what size pitch an RV would require.

So, I will be suggesting 13m (c40ft) in length and 6m in width. Perhaps 45ft long if they can only build 4m wide.

The key thing, which has been suggested, is the access in and out of the pitch and site.

But then you already know all about providing space for RVs - I only wish you were close to enough work places for me.

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