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    Oct 26, 2014
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    What do the team think about Carado Motohomes , I know there the budget end of the Erwin Hymer Group and are made in the same factory as Dethleff Sunlight which are more or less Identical .
    Have yet to see one in the flesh but I'd like to hear from any forum member who has one and what is the build quality like .
    The Fresh water tank and pipework is all within the van body so not exposed to the outside temperature also the Truma boiler has a frost dump so would this be classed as "Winterised"

  2. campa cola

    campa cola

    Oct 5, 2012
    I have a 2015 Carado T132, just done 10k miles across (including some really trashy roads) Europe in it and lived in it FT for just under 6 teething problems apart from a window blind alignment. The only other issue was the sink in the bathroom collected water from the mirror join which I drilled a small drain hole underneath the sink to fix.

    A good compromise between quality & price and everything (apart from the blinds) is robust and well made. After 6 months still looks like new (mostly) !!!!

    The similar Sunlight alternative is cheaper but was not as well specced than the Carado, I bought the Carado as I wanted the higher cab and habitation spec.

    I saw an even cheaper German version of the same German basic body shell in Spain, early 2016 which worked out new at £27K pounds back then. As the judge (RIP) would say go look at German website prices.

    The GRP roof covering was well tested in a hail storm in Portugal, if it was to get really cold I just think you need to have the waste tank heated. The van was warm in the Spanish/portugese winter but having taken off some of the hab facia to route solar wiring through I personally thought a bit more insulation could have been stuffed into some of the gaps.

    Well recommended!!!! If you want any further info let me know.
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