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Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by jezport, Sep 15, 2013.

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    I recently got a quote from Tesco car insurance for my car. I discussed the fact that they dont ask about the amount paid out on any previous claims where other companies do ask. They told me that the amount of a claim can be a case of luck and a driver who has a previous claim for say £20k is no more risk than a driver who claims £500. They also explained that if for instance you hat a car in an accident if the car had a value of £500 and was written off it was no more your fault if the car was a Roller and cost £35000 to repair. This is down to luck.

    They also have UK call centre staff. Who know how to speak and understand English.

    Has anyone else found Tesco are good/bad for insurance or found any other insurers who you have found to be better than the run of the mill?
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    Well that's a very reasonable attitude.

    What most insurers do however, is to add up all the paid claims whether £1 or £1m, and see what loss ratio they get when directly compared to the premiums they collected. if it's higher than the loss ratio they have decided on (perhaps about a third) then they increase all the premiums by that percentage.

    If it's less, they usually still increase the premiums in line with some other percentage thay decide on, that bears no relation to anything else and certainly not their punter's income or expectations.

    HTH ........
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    Aug 28, 2012
    Have been with Tesco for last 3 years and still check the market before I renew last year Tesco were £50 more expensive for same cover against AA but quick phone call and they matched the price
    I used to add family members as and when they came to stay and needed the car for £25 admin fee
    Tesco advisor added them at the start when I asked about doing that NO extra charge but increased excess if they are driver now 4 on the insurance for the same cost as 2
    Always had good service
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    We had tesco insurance a number of years ago and had to make a claim.

    The only downside is that our vehicle was under warranty that meant it needed to be maintained by a toyota service/dealer and Tescos didnt want it going to a main dealer for repair.

    With pursuasion we got over that hurdle with them. The police report confirming the accident wasnt our fault did help.

    We found them helpful and courteous

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