Can you recommend a Vet?


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Jul 29, 2008
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Off on our travels again in 2 weeks time, Croatia is our intended destination but we will be spending time at Lake Garda, and then moving on through Slovenia to Croatia then back via Bosnia, Hungary, Czech Republic and possibly Poland.:thumb:

Right here's my question: We have 2 dogs who travel with us on the Defra passport scheme and on several previous trips we have encountered a wide range of price/service from French Vets (ranging from 175 euros to 75 euros!!!):Doh: in addition to the extortionate £30 per dog that our wonderful government impose just to bring them back into the country you can probably see why I am cost conscious!!
Can anyone recommend a vet (in Holland/Belgium or France) who will not rip us off and is around 2-3 hours drive from Calais?:Smile:
Sep 26, 2007
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Hi, I am not sure of the price, but below I give some excellent advice I was given when I asked a similar question some time ago. We paid 90 euros for two yorkies to have the Frontline and worming, and a check to make sure they were 'fit to travel'. The vet did say that if we supplied the frontline she would administer it - that would have saved us some money, but on the whole we thought it was a reasonable charge. If you travel with Norfolk Line the cost is £20 per dog!


Clinique Vétérinaire Croo Stéphane et Coelenbier PierreCoordonnées principales
12 r Sud 59140 DUNKERQUE 03 28 66 62 63

Clinique Vétérinaire Deberg Michel Coordonnées principales
9 r Paul Machy 59240 DUNKERQUE tél-fax : 03 28 21 01 28

Vétérinaire Nachtergaele Guy Wispelaere Michel Coordonnées principales
66 Bis av Casino 59240 DUNKERQUE 03 28 63 31 14

Ketelers Sabine Coordonnées principales
8 bd République F Mitterrand 59140 DUNKERQUE 03 28 58 95 03

Clinique Vétérinaire Bouquet Patrick Coordonnées principales
2889 av Petite Synthe 59640 DUNKERQUE 03 28 60 31 30

Also do DOUBLE CHECK the pets passport BEFORE YOU LEAVE the vets to make sure both Frontline and Drontal have been written on the right pages. That the DATE & TIME have been written. The vets signature and stamp are there.

If you arrrive at the check in and discover the time is missing then they won't let you through and it will take some doing to get it all sorted.

Likewise make sure your pets passport is in order before you leave the UK. Our vet made mistakes and it took two attempts to get it right!!!

Make sure the dogs passport has their id number, date of blood test, ant rabies vaccination etc.

The vet should scan your dogs before giving the Frontline & Drontal treatment. Sometimes they don't bother and we have to remind them. At least then you also know it will be there, and not lost in the dog somewhere, at the Ferry check in you will have to scan the dogs and hand the scanner back to the person doing the check.

Hi Calais one as follows:
Leave the Aire, up to the roundabout, turn right carry on to the next one, straight over and its on your right just after the service road joins from the right. I reversed up the service road to park, plenty of room for vehicles to get past me. About a mile or less from the Aire if you fancy walking.

Clinique Veterinaire Le Goeland
1148 Boulevard du general de Gaulle
62100 Calais
Tel: 0321 347739

And the Ardes one:
You can park in the market square directly outside for free and its easily got room for an RV. If coming from Calais, go straight across the lights in the centre of Ardes and the market square is on your right. The vets is in the road that runs down the left of the market square.

Clinique Vets du Camp du Drap d'Or
47r Commdt Queval
Telephone: 0033 321 354003

Both gave excellent service, and both gave the cat a through checkover, very impressed. €34 last year at Ardes, €39 this year at Calais. Thats for a cat.

Vet Dr Patrick Pattyn (speaks English but originally from Belgium, if phoning ask for him.

1. Rue De Neufchatel

tel. +33235905555

Surgery times: Mon-Sat 13.45 to 14.30 & 18.00 to 19.15

This is in Normandy dept but has a good Aire de Service opp municipal campsite with electrics and a 10 min walk to vets.

Also a Super U on road to Neufchatel, also as heading for Calais at Neufchatel there is a Le Clerc supermarket.

If we are returning from this direction towards Calais we tend to book the dog in at say 6pm and in your case leaving Sat 10 am I would book dog in for Thursday 6 pm. you can travel to Calais in one trip though we tend to stop off at Le Touquet for one night before heading for Calais.
Clinique Vétérinaire Croo Stéphane et Coelenbier PierreCoordonnées principales
12 r Sud 59140 DUNKERQUE 03 28 66 62 63
Jun 22, 2008
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2 Yorkies?!! Hey, we can beat that by 1!! Great info ....already have vet info but can never have too much ...!! We were horrified the last time ..they said it would be a special offer for TWO (no 3 hadn't come along then!) .....special offer ...huh! forget it!! :cry:

Steven Fawcett

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Sep 23, 2008
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recomended vet in calias

hi wkd troll
the vet we used in june for our return trip was in caais on main street near ferryport the phone no is 03 21 34 77 39] the cost was 25 euro.
vets are sophie or christinna.
regards steve.


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May 26, 2008
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Vet south of Paris?


We will be leaving France very early on a Monday just after the New Year, does anyone know a vet on the south side of Paris, so they we can get the dog checked within 48 hours of leaving France?

Maybe Orleans, Bourges, Clermont Ferrand, we are looking to dash through France on the way back from Spain?


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