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    I'll lifted this from Magbaz it might be a help to some:-

    "So the season turned, clocks were put forward throughout Europe for 'Summer Time' and the end of March heralded the 'Camping on Board' season for ferries between Greece and Italy. Our thoughts turned to an April journey back across Europe, starting with a boat to Ancona. Three ferry lines operate this route: Superfast (Patras to Ancona or to Bari), Minoan (Patras to Ancona or to Venice) and ANEK (ditto).

    Phoning the various agents in Patras, we learnt that for 2011 things have changed slightly. Superfast (generally the most expensive) still have Camping on Board between 1 April and 31 October and are offering reductions of 45% on early booking for vehicles up to 6m long (which doesn't help those of us in larger motorhomes). Minoan allow Camping on Board to Venice, but on their Ancona-bound ferries this is no longer possible – instead, they offer a free cabin to those travelling with a caravan, camper or motorhome. ANEK, on the other hand, still have Camping on Board to Ancona, but not to Venice – and they offer a free cabin, dinner and breakfast for campers etc taking this longer voyage. However, all this could be subject to change at any time! Check out the websites at: , and .

    In addition to all this, flexible pricing now applies on some of these ferry lines, as on cross-Channel ferries. It is no longer advisable just to turn up at the terminal and buy a ticket (this was our previous recommendation). Booking online is also not recommended nor is it always possible – use the telephone well in advance to discover the best offer and lowest fare for you and your motorhome. Use the website to see what special offers there may be and then get the phone number nearest to you. In Greece, we always ring the numbers in Patras.

    When all this becomes too much for our patience, we consider again driving to or from Greece overland. Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia et al, all beckon. Have a look at our article: To Greece by Sea of by Land."

    See also for more info.

    Safe travelling.


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