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    Camper NE - - at Birtley is the company we bought our Burstner from, also trading as Camper UK in Lincoln.

    During the purchase all the staff were friendly and helpful and we received a comprehensive handover from the workshop manager who had actually done the pre-sales checks so knew what he was talking about.

    The only hiccup was a single set of keys. When the company checked with the previous owner they found that he had only ever had a single set. They could have just shrugged their shoulders and told us to find a second set of keys ourselves but didn't. They did all the ordering, sent us the habitation key by post and arranged for the ignition key (which needed coding to the vehicle) to be delivered to our nearest Fiat truck dealer. They also paid all the costs of the keys (including the labour for coding), over £200 all told.

    We would definitely recommend them.
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    We bought our m/h from them just over a year ago and have found them to be the excellent also, nothing seems to be too much trouble for them, a refreshing change from some dealers we have used in the past. :thumb: to Paddy and his staff
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