Calling owners of Bessacar, Ace and Swift

Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by BelAir, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. BelAir

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    Hi there everyone, I would like to invite you to join the Swift Motorhomes Owners Club. Many folk don't realise we include Bessacar and Ace owners in our membership. We had our AGM at the weekend (at a rather soggy Cheltenham Racecourse) and somehow I found myself as Secretary! We are a friendly bunch who rally round the country regularly and would love to meet more new people. It only costs fifteen pounds a year to join us and we issue a regular newsletter to keep everyone in touch. We also oganise overseas rallies either under our own steam or with the assistance of GB Privilege. If you would like to know more please go to our web site Swift Motorhomes Owners Club or reply to me via this forum.
    Hope to meet you soon.
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    Hi and welcome to FUN

    Don't forget I take sugar in my coffee when we meet in the Swift Owners Club at the BEC Birmingham!!:thumb:

  3. BelAir

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    Hi Peter,would love to have coffee, mines a Cappuccino for future reference, but can't get to the show this year unfortunately.

    Just been to Shepton Mallet RV show on the only fine day of the year so far!
    Hope to see you at another show sometime.
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    Hi there Belair, does this invite include Autocruise owners, who are now made by Swift.?
  5. BelAir

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    Unfortunately at the moment we cannot include Autocruise, this is a Swift company ruling so we cannot do anything about it. Autocruise are part of Swift Holdings rather than Swift Group and they are considered a completely separate company at present.:cry:
  6. Sweet Chariot

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    Autocruise still have their own club i believe.:thumb:
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  7. BelAir

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    Yes indeed they do have an Autocruise Club. There is also a general Swift Owners CLub, for tuggers as well as motothomers, so a lot to choose from if you are a Swifty! I am more than a little biased as I have enjoyed all my trips with the SMOC crew. :Wink:
  8. BelAir

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    Just read in MMM that the Swift Owners Club ARE allowing Autocruise members to join them!! :Doh:

    I am still biased as I think small is beautiful and smaller clubs like SMOC can be friendlier as you get to know more like minded people when the rallies are not too big. Not that I am biased or anything..............................
    Bel Air:welcome:

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