Calais Ferry Port and the illegals

Mar 11, 2013
Funster No
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since 2009
Hi all, a simple tail of woe.
Coming back through Calais yesterday evening. It was very busy approaching the ferry port. A long tail back had formed waiting to get into the ferry port through passport control. The illegals were out in force and in fact as the left hand land was at walking pace they were making efforts to climb on the motorhomes with rear ladders. I had the camera on and saw one hope on the tow bar and up the ladder onto the roof. The local police were up ahead near the slip road that takes you to Calais centre. Pulled up and they pulled the illegal down. (not before the prat had put his foot through the Hexi. So be warned if you are caught in slow traffic at the port that is what they are upto.
Having pulled over with the police I then continue down the slip road marked Calais centre and port for lorries, then around the roundabout towards the main ticket office and there is a slip road that takes you back towards passport control. Completely cuts out the traffic. So if you see a tail back go over to the right and around the roundabout.