Cadac Safari Chef 2 Roasting Pan Update

Dec 16, 2017
Almuñécar, Spain
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I queried the lack of the roasting pan for the Safari Chef 2 with Cadac, and just received the following reply:
"Thank you for your query, the roast pan you are referring to was compatible with the Safari Chef Mk1, this is not the case with the Safari Chef 2, we have however introduced another lid for the Safari Chef 2 and will be available as part of the accessory range and can be used with the dome/lid to be used as a pan or used on a low heat as a roasting pan. The attached image shows the new lid accessory, we have also attached a copy of our catalogue showing the range and what will be available for the season. Hope this helps".

This new lid is shown on page 17 of their new catalogue as part of the Safari Chef 2 Pro QR kit (which seems to be Safari Chef 2 but with this new lid) and on page 25 as accessory item code Code: 6540-700. Shame it doesn't have the thermometer in it, but suspect an aftermarket one can easily be bodged on / expertly fitted.

Also there seems to be a new BBQ / Plancha split plate which is 50/50 BBQ and fat griddle plate - see also p 25 item code 6540-100. Hopefully I'v managed to attach the picture & catalogue...

Dunno how good it'll be or what the price is as its not showing on their websites at the moment, but hopefully it's good news for us (though not so good news for chickens!).


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Apr 11, 2015
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get a lid from the chinese shop for a couple of quid.

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