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Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by gazznsam, May 20, 2009.

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    May 15, 2009
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    Anyone know where i can download a set of poi's for the caravanning and camping clubs CS's and sites for garmin sat navs? preferably with the extra info that garmins can display... prices per night, if advance booking is essential (i hate using the phone, so dont bother with the ones you must book... also hate pre-booking, prefer not to make plans, and make it up as we go along)

    we're getting fed up of the main campsites and their prices, and being told 'you cant park that way round, cant do this, cant do that', and want to use the CS network a lot more, but navigating using the big sites book is a pain in the rear.

    would much prefer to select an area on the sat nav near where i want to head for the morning we move on, and see a selection of CS's, choose one and head to it, if we dont like the looks of it, or go past another that looks nice, we'll go there.

    been searching but i cant find a full list of the C&CC poi's, jolly interesting has a way out of date set of them, and some weird converter thing to move them from autoroute to a sat nav,
    but i'd prefer to just download a set of poi's, like i can do for the french aires, german wohnmobile stellplatz's, bio diesel stations etc.
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    Hi, think I remember seeing someone on E-Bay selling something like this. Not sure if it was a CD for you to download or a straight upload to your Garmin. I think it was CC and C&CC with CL,s and CS,s. Try there and put POI in the search on caravan accessories. You might get lucky.
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    Hi, gazznsam,
    Try here http://www.favourite-places.info/Caravan_Club_Sites.zip , although there is no extra data, only name and coordinates.
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    POI's for satnav systems


    There is a fantastic site that has all the information you need to find camping sites

    gpsownersclub . com
    everything on there is totally free to download.

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