C&CC Age Concession change

Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by Styx, Jul 14, 2014.

  1. Styx


    May 1, 2010
    This from C&CC e-mail:

    Eligibility for the Club's Age Concession discount on Club Sites changes on 21 July 2014. From this date, Age Concession rates will apply to members aged 60 or over, not 55 as is currently the case.

    But don't worry - as an existing member, you still have chance to get your discount and, once you have it, you won't be affected by the age increase.

    Age Concession gives you an additional saving of up to 25% off your pitch fees in all seasons except high season. Once your card is stamped, all qualifying bookings you make online or over the telephone can be made as Age Concession members.

    But hurry - you need to apply before Monday 21 July 2014. After this date, you won't be eligible for this discount until you turn 60.

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