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Discussion in 'Motorhome Accessories' started by emmitdb, May 19, 2014.

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    I was on the 'phone tonight booking a rally.

    The organiser asked if I had a towrope or similar and I had to admit that I had omitted purchasing one.

    As soon as I got off the dog and bone I went onto Fleabay to make enquiries. The bloke I had spoken to had used the phrase "Sling" when referring to the article, so I searched "Tow rope sling" and out popped various types at various prices dependent upon the breaking strain.
    A 5 tonne one came out at £20.:Sad:

    The tyke in me came out and I omitted the word "sling" in my next search.

    Guess what? up pops a 5 tonne sling, posted free from the other side of the world p &p free for the princely sum of £5.87.:thumb:

    It cost nearly that to send a Birthday Card to my S in L in Australia.

    How do they do it, and more importantly, which robbing so and so is trying to get £20 out of me.:Rofl1:
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    or you could use a Tape :Rofl1:

    Sligs & Tapes are used in Kayaking & Climbing infact I have bought Climbing slings to use in my Kayak for rescues purley because of the colour Red for emergancies :thumb:

    So go outdoors etc all stock these things plus the breaking point is the same even a simple tie down ratchet strap which is 3 times as long as any tape I can buy.

    Tape being as sling with ends :Rofl1:
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    that seems way too cheap for a quality, decent length, tow strop including the postage

    i recently found somebody selling genuine military surplus 5m 9 tonne straps for about £10 and posted the details here. the seller sold out same day as they were seriously a bargain. I got one as a backup in the van and can say you can see and feel the quality. has already been used to tow a 3.5tonne van out of very wet mud. others on the same site were snapping thinner straps and supposed tow ropes like cotton threads, due to mud up to the axles holding the wheels solid.

    as with all safety and recovery equipment you only really know how good it is when you put it to work in anger. hopefully you found a bargain too and it will serve you well for many years
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    I seriously hope you got a genuine bargain there.:thumb:

    Poor quality tow ropes and non-stamped and rated shackles cost lives. I've seen them snap and it ain't a pretty sight when someone gets in the way, or they hurtle into someone's vehicle.

    Think about it. You put a few tonnes of force onto the thing and it suddenly snaps. The energy has to go somewhere...

    I'd want complete peace of mind.

    Saving a few ££ may appear a good thing, but the cost involved when they fail is significantly higher.

    As the organiser of a rally, you take the can when things fail. It's your responsibility.
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