Bury St Edmonds - council provided motorhome overnight parking (1 Viewer)

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Feb 25, 2018
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enough to know i shouldnt touch things i know nothing about ....
We recently (December) went to the Christmas market at Bury St Edmonds - they have a defined though small parking area specifically for motorhomes to OVERNIGHT. when we arrived all the allocated spaces were taken (inc one by a lorry, who had been issued with a parking fine for parking in a space specifically for motorhomes)

I rang the number on the parking machine and was told I could park anywhere on that specific car park, subject to space of course AND overnight. he asked for my registration number, so he could ensure any patrols were aware that permission had been granted, although my front end was sticking out of the bay, he said that was fine. they couldn't have been more helpful !

I checked around the car park and there were in fact 5 motorhomes parked in the correct spaces and another 4 plus me parked in normal bays, with their front end sticking out. so its well worth a visit to Bury St Edmonds !!!


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Jun 30, 2013
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Bury St Edmunds council do tend to go the extra mile, we turned up once last year at about 11 pm to find the car park full of travellers. We spent the night behind Aldi, along with a few lorries and another motorhome. Rang the council the next day and they told us a couple of places we could park and even rang us when the travellers had gone and the car park was clear.
Bury St Edmunds is a nice place to visit too, our daughter lives there so we visit often
We are there now!

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