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    Dec 5, 2008
    This email to Hymer ( it bounced from Bustner ) tells all. A very unusual fault.



    Burstner 530A 2003 on Fiat 2l JTD. 24,000 miles.

    The right hand side top marker light stopped working. The three others and side lights work fine.

    After some investigation I find the whole right hand side skin is not earth bonded. A quick earth bond to the habitation door hinges lights up the lamp. Not a serious fault at first sight but trap a 230V AC cable in the habitation door and the whole right hand side of the vehicle is at 230V and 230V is fed into the 12V wiring via the 6W bulb.

    I see an earth bond from chassis to the steel side skirt, this is sound.

    Naturally I can bond the side satisfactorily.

    *But I would like to know from yourselves where the right hand side skin is earth bonded so that I can investigate why this has failed, possible due to water ingress judging by a very high resistance I got momentarily. This may have similar implications for all your 530As. I will feed back my findings to you.*


    It will be interesting to see their reply, could apply to a whole load of MHs.

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