Bundesvan, do you remember, sad news

Apr 2, 2011
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I am sure there are many members on Fun that remember BUNDESVAN, who Imported many vans from Germany for us.
I received a text tonight from Nick Legg who most people will remember from his stand at all the m/home shows around the
country, until until he sold the business in 2015 to retire. his text reads
Hi Bruce, Just a quick note to tell you that our old friend and Bundesvan buddy, Malcolm Simpson, died last night at 00.30. Ultimately, he was the victim of Covid 19,
which he had contracted in Hospital where he had been admitted with a urinary infection before christmas. But is was the near fatal stroke he suffered in his Hymer, whilst on holiday in Spain in December 2015 at his favourite winter stop-over in Cuevas Mar, which cost him the active travelling life he so enjoyed, and resulted in him spending five years of his life bed-ridden in a nursing home .To the last he retained vivid memories of his many travels, AS they say; If you don't have memories, you don't have anything. Farewell Buddy.
Many of you that imported a van from Germany through BUNDESVAN may have had it delivered by Malcolm or perhaps he accompanied you on a viewing trip to Germany or spoke to him at their many shows on the BUNDESVAN stand.
He was always polite and helpful to all he spoke to and a True Gentleman. They don't make them like that anymore. Rest in peace Malcolm,

Oct 13, 2010
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How sad . We contacted him when looking for our Hobby in 2003 . He said difficult to find at the moment but will look for you . He called us to say there is one in the new MMM which certainly is worth following up . We did and bought it . Absolutely no advantage to him as he got no monetary reward . Such a genuine kind man