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Discussion in 'Continental Touring' started by PhilandMena, Dec 28, 2010.

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    Hi, A few questions if i may be so bold! my wife and I are planning a trip to Brittany in September for 2-3 weeks and would welcome any advice from Funsters who have been there recently, particularly in September

    We would probably explore the coast and use a combination of Aires and Camp sites over a 17 day period !

    We are thinking of initially staying for a few days in the area around camping duvougot in Finistere and arriving there via Rouen !

    Are there any low bridges we need to be aware of when going through Rouen, As far as I can see from Goggle Maps if we stay on the N28 we should be OK, our motorhome height is just under 3 M.

    I would also welcome any recommendations to visit in Brittany, we both enjoy coastal, scenic walks and prefer to avoid busy built up areas.

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    Dec 5, 2008
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    Oradour sur Vayres

    From our experience last year if you start at the corner of Normandy and work around to Gulf of Morbiham you will not be disappointed

    We really enjoyed it all so much so that we may spend much more time there next year

    Do not stop short of the Gulf of Morbiham it is an especially pretty bit of coastlline.

    I am sure you will get further information in due course but enjoy it

    Alan and Lynda
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    Oct 7, 2008
    Hi Philip......we have just done a Brittany trip in May for 4 weeks starting at Piriac-sur-mer on the south coast (above La Rochelle) and followed the coastline all the way round south, west, and north and then into Normandy and back home in Pas de Calais northern France..... but sadly not in September...... but we did do Brittany in 2008 September and did most of the coastline south, west, and north but missed a few places off........ we only do Aires so we can not help with campsites but there are many Aires that we could recommend

    Rouen ...mmmmm this seems to be a trouble spot to many...and even me but most of the time I have been lucky ...more luck than Judgment.....because as you enter from the north and you get close to the river there seems to be many roads filtering off to the right very close together so when the sat nav says take the next right ????? which one do you take and many times it is luck if you are on the correct one.....some of the funsters have said on here they have had the misfortune to take the wrong road and come across a very low bridge.....if you ask them , they may be able to help in which road not to take !!!

    The place you have mentioned " area around camping duvougot in Finistere" is it the correct spelling, or is it a name of a I have no recall of this village, have you any more clues, what main town it is close to if it is a village.

    we like the south of Brittany the best as that seems to get the better of the weather....the north is very similar to Cornwall.....very similar indeed. rugged, can be nice but also can have some bad weather and lots of rain...but still very nice.:thumb:

    Mel :thumb:
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    Hi there,
    Brittany is BIG, not a lot of time to stop in one place if you want to 'see it all' still there is always another holiday if you do not get around the whole thing, then of course there are all the inland bits of Brittainy!
    As for Rouen I think we generally come down the E402 route, trun right when we get to the river, head West along the riverside (Quai de Paris / Corneille / Borse / Havre etc) for just over a mile then turn right and loop round (all signposted) via a road called Rue de Buffon, this takes you over the river and is the D938, second biggish road is the N338 (go right) and keep on that for some time, it is the Voie Sud III. I looked at Autoroute to tell you that and I know it is as clear as mud. We have taken many routes through Rouen, and this is our favourite, done with a van towing a car, about 11 metres all told. Over 3m high too. Whichever way you go, or where you end up. Have fun! Jane :Smile:

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