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    Feb 28, 2015
    Basse Normandie France
    A post on Angloinfo Normandy this evening says that industrial action has caused the cancellation of all ferries from Caen today, and tomorrow morning's sailings from Caen and Portsmouth are already cancelled. It would be advisable for anybody booked with Brittany in the next few days to check before you leave for the port.
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    Nov 3, 2013
    Thanks for that,daughter and son in law are coming back from Portsmouth Sat/Sun,will let them know in advance. Their ferry was cancelled from Bilboa because 'the ship/boat...PC!. Etratat... (Whatever) had refused at the water jump LOL,so they fetched another from a short haul route.(I have heard it was a voyage from HELL,but i will be the last to know,being as i told them when they had booked me on the "Economy" Etratat..whatsit,saying the only difference is NO ? carpet in the cabin? ..... 13.000 tonnes different !!! You could have carpeted the WHOLE BLEEP DINGY !!! outside and in, and it would still not have come to 13.000 Tonnes !!)
    Having said that,armed with my "Stergeron ?" sea sick pills and the sea doing its best to stove the sharp end in,Prow ?Dow ? I had the most super crossing in the old Scow ? Would do it again,no problem.
    To finish off,if you have read this far..... They had given a "Contact" number,and fair play WERE contacted and upgraded on the Subbed vessel a few days later,so far so good,those who had NOT given a contact number were squeezed onto the Pont Aven and left as per schedule. Food for thought?
    Tea Bag (Tip,when crossing to Ireland in the winter,get......... "Pi****d"!!!! ) Stergeron has yet to be tested on this route,the above does...WORK.
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