BritStop Update - Day 8

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Apr 5, 2013
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It ended up pouring down all night and at one stage Di thought we were going to shake to bits with the wind, you know how the girlies like to get all excited about such things and I slept through most of it. It did hammer it down though and when I went outside in the morning the lower parts of the m/h and wheels were covered in grit from the power of the rain hitting the carpark. However it had blown over by the time we dropped the blinds and soon the sun was out again :) The other 3 cloggies were still there until about 1100hrs, so obviously not on an early ferry home. They did say goodbye and I also noted that they stopped and popped into the pub, hopefully to say thank you to the owner.

We followed the example set by the cloggies and drove down the carpark and stopped by the side entrance where we found the owner sweeping the patio. I thanked him for his hospitality and letting us stay overnight for free. We did have 2 drinks, but that was it. He was a really nice guy and told us we were most welcome anytime.

We set off down the A259 and popped into Lidl to top up on some fresh produce again. We really wanted to see if they had any double mattress toppers as well, but there were none to be seen, which is a shame as we really like the idea of giving them a try to see how we get on with one.

We headed down the seafront through Brighton and eventually found a parking space along with the another 6 or so m/h's that were enjoying the day, all on foreign plates (Italian, German, Dutch) . £4 for 2 hours, which I thought was quite reasonable considering the location. I put up Di's portable electric mobility scooter and off we set back down the seafront to the pier and had lunch overlooking the beach and everyone enjoying their time away. There was a public volleyball court set up with nice golden sand too. A group of adults and kids were close by and all were wearing orange matching t shirts, so obviously a group, and soon had a game going for us to watch while we had coffees and toasted bacon and cheese sandwiches, yummy

After 2 hours wandering along the front we set off again and hit all the traffic possible along the A259, but who cares when you're sat in your m/h and have no rush in the world. We then passed a calor gas centre and popped in to replace one of the 6kg bottles as it had run out (£20.50). Good job we have the auto switchover, so no interruption to the supply for hot showers, morning toast and the most important brew of the day.....the morning mug of tea :)

We've decided not to stop at a BritStop for the next 2 nights, we wanted to pop to our fave campsite, see our friends both on site and in the town and make use of power for toothbrushes and phones etc. We can also power up the mobility scooter and get the battery fully charged again, ready to pop out tomorrow.

We're loving the life and freedom it brings. I'm on the mend and off until 1st September, so lots of travelling to do yet. With Di being disabled she also has time to kill and do some touring, which is perfect for us. She's on an American trail at the moment for her MS. It's been a long struggle for her with daily taxi trips to London for body scans, heart scans, to have blood taken and every kind of checkup known to man, even cancer. She's also had a heart monitor fitted that transmits to a larger module she has to carry all the time the monitor is fitted. It's then monitored in the USA and if there are any signs of heart murmurs etc, they're on the phone to confirm that everything's ok. Goodness knows if they'd call and we said we had a problem. She's taking a new trial drug that is hoped will help MS sufferers in the future, so fingers crossed. It's a 3 year trial and lots more hospital visits and overnight hospital stops to come, so we hope it's all worth while and the drugs do make a difference from this terrible incapacitating disability. Poor girlie, all she ever wants to do is to put on a dress and a pair of high heels and go out, only she falls off them if she does. We do have a giggle about it all and joke that she'd always win first prize in a free style disco competition, I'd just need to send her to the bar for drinks without her stick :)

Thank you to those that have followed my threads. I won't bore you with anymore as I won't be BritStopping for a while again, so the rest is just "stuff" and would most probably send you to sleep if you read it.

Sleep well Funsters

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Jan 9, 2013
Plympton, Devon
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Have a great time the both of you. More rain forecast for the South East this weekend but at least it should be warm.
May 29, 2013
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We have found your postings very informative about Brit-stop type pubs, thanks for doing them.


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Sep 28, 2008
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Thanks forthe update, glad yire getting out there and doing it, life is not always easy, but to make every day count when we can. Currently touring scotland and loving it, didnt think we would get here, but glad we have, mch to rhe thanks of scottish mitorhome friends who have helped us out along the way.
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