BritStop Update - Day 5

PP Bear

Apr 5, 2013
Funster No
Coach Build

Had our dinner in the m/h as planned and then popped into the bar for a drink and chat to the staff. Ended up having a real laugh with everyone in the place, especially when it came to the 80 decade of music. Seems we're all as thick as each other.

Lucky Di has the large fixed rear bed to herself as I'm still having to sleep bolt upright, but it's actually really comfy and so far I haven't had a bad nights sleep at all. Think the pills help :)

Think we're having a lucky week, as woke to even more glorious sunshine. The view through the large roof vent showed nothing but a beautiful clear blue sky. Not a cloud in sight. Bliss.

After a lazy get up and a spot of toast and coffee, we thought about our next journey to see mum. It's only 20 miles and don't want to be there before mid afternoon as it's a care home and I'll disturb the afternoon lunch routine, so heading there by about 1530hrs.

Popped outside and 1 of the other motorhomes had been replaced by another, however there was one that had been there for 4 nights and never once did they show their faces in the bar, the carpark or the spa. Bet they weren't Funsters. The only time I spoke to them, was when I was parking where the staff had instructed me. In fact one of the bar staff was seeing me back as there's quite a low roof to the building and it's above the rear camera, so better safe than sorry. The female misery came storming out their van and quite rudely announced that I would be blocking her planned dumping of grey waste. I did, very politely, point out that I was parking where instructed, while inside I wanted to be just as rude back again. You'd all be proud of me for keeping the good name of being a Funster alive and well.

We then started to prep for our move, including the filling of fresh water. It was at that point a Cloggy (Netherlander) came into the carpark and stopped in a non EHU bay and came over. I noted straight away he had a BritStop bible in his hand, so they're European wide Steve and Mandy, well done the pair of you.

Chatted to the guy who said he'd been on UK tour for 4 weeks and had the last few days heading South and then home. Seemed a really nice guy. Hope he doesn't meet the misery or he'd have the wrong impression of UK motorhomers. Believe it or not, the couple were still just sitting in the back of their van. Very little movement, apart from heading out and presumably into town.

Filled up with fresh and then vacated the bay so that Cloggy could park and get on the EHU before anyone else pops in and tries to gazump him. So moved over to the Lidl carpark where we topped up with the essentials before setting off to mums. We're now parked just outside the village. Di is snoozing after a light lunch and then it's surprise mum time.

I've been toying with the idea of the mattress topper, but when I looked in Dreams they were blooming expensive. I then found in Lidls they do a memory foam 5cm double topper for £39.99, only blast and drat as they only had singles. Still I'll look out for the next Lidls and see if they've one. It's worth experimenting for £39.99!!

Got to mums safely and duly surprised her and tears from the girlies. Bro and sis-in-law turned up on their Pan European m/bike. It's on a 02 plate and done just 39K miles, so it's immaculate. Had too much tea and coffee as is the way when you visit your old folks, they do like to feed and water their off springs, I love it.

Only down part to the stay is one of the carers who took offence to the EHU lead running in the building and threw it out. Be nice PP Bear, mums got to live there, so just smile at her reasons against H&S and turn the fridge to gas. Such a shame as been coming here for years to see mum and get on really well with all the carers in the past, but bring someone in new. Never been a problem before, but won't let it spoil a lovely day with the family.

Mums booked in the m/h for 0800hrs for bacon butties and a tea, so best set the alarm to get up in time. Then we'll head off to BritStop 211 if there's space. I'll phone ahead tomorrow morning and confirm the availability. Didn't want to call at the weekend as the bible says closed weekends over July and August and want to respect their request.

More again tomorrow.
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