Bridgestone Tyres,,,


Extra Special
Oct 16, 2008
Haughton, Stafford..
Low profile Majestic.
Caravan & motorhome 45 + yrs
If any body is stuck for white lettering Bridgestone Dueler A/T,Tyres,, size P275 65R18,,, T114..

I have three, with a minimum of 5mm tread left,, no splits, gouges. in good condition..::bigsmile:

I had a slow puncture,,:cry: went to get it fixed and it turned out to be a commercial staple,, so could not be plugged as the holes were to near,, could have sent it away for re vulcanising, but time is not on my side.. And did not want an oddball white lettering tyre on my truck.:Doh:

So opted for 4 brand new Hercules,, which is what a lot of American trucks are fitting now from new (Made by Bridgestone).:RollEyes:

Bridgestone (with white lettering) are common on a lot of imported American trucks, But are unavailable in the UK,,,

But I have three, Not undually worried about getting rid of them,, but anybody stuck, I will sell one or two. Pm me if you are interested, :thumb:
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