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Jan 31, 2013
CI Cipro 85
im a newbie
Hi everyone, this is the first post I have done on M/H fun. Having set off last Wed 8 October on a cal mac hopscotch after leaving a roundabout on the A71 one of our lpg tanks decide to drop off it's mounting cradle. No it did not go boom just an awful scapeing sound. Thankfully we were on the duel carriageway. So rang breakdown, police etceveryone was there within 20 to30 mins. First to arrive was 911 breakdown service, our Winnie was too big, then devlins breakdown arrived, then AA, as soon as lpg was mentioned they all had a look everyone scratching heads, then mate from glasgow arrived with a truck large enough for Minnie. Then one of the policemen said all we need is gree fall and we will have full set of breadown services. At my sudjestion we lifted the tank with crowbars jam wood underneath and use ratchet straps to lift tank to enable recovery. Within 10 mins we set off for glasgow. After a night in the breakdown yard into the workshop and new brackets made and we were off by 3.30 to catch the first ferry.
My point please anyone with an older RV with lpg tanks have the tank mountings checked. The welding on first mounting had failed causing failure of the others. When lifted on the workshop jacks ask to have a good look to see if there is anything else that looks like being a problem. The workshop manager checked everything with me so professional advice was at hand. If any of your are unfortunate to breakdown ask for mate recovery services every one was brilliant with full workshop facilities. The repairs and strengthening another of the tank mounting cost £291.00. Very reasonable .
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