Brake checks at service time are always worth it.

Discussion in 'Tech/Mech General' started by magicsurfbus, Feb 28, 2014.

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    We do about 5-6000 a year in our MH, and the season begins with it coming out of winter storage and having its MoT and service in late Feb.

    Whatever level of service I always ask them to do a proper brake check. Lo and behold it transpires we had a seized rear brake cylinder. On a previous occasion one of the brake shoes was beginning to fall to bits. Neither of these things were glaringly obvious when driving it around. However it might explain why we had to stop to let the brakes cool down when returning to France via the Col de Montgenevre last autumn if only three of the brakes were working properly, and yes, I was using my gears to descend the hills as well.

    Most MHs are built onto a commercial van chassis, but commercial vans spend some of their time empty or half full, whereas a MH is the equivalent of a permanently full one. The extra wear on brakes, suspension, and wheel bearings is worth making an extra allowance for at servicing time.
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    This is exactly why I don't generally do "half" services. Inspecting the brakes annually is a vitally important item in my book and I have four vehicles of our own to deal with too, each of which get an annual service including all wheels removed to inspect the brakes.

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    its a good idea to remove and examine the brakes and the inside of the tyre too at least once a year when servicing. far cheaper to spend an extra 15 minutes a wheel at service time than have an unexpected breakdown or brake failure when on holiday

    a bonus side effect is that you also get to check the wheel bolts/nuts for tightness too when refitting
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