Boxer/Ducato ABS Rings

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    Hi all,

    We have had a problem recently with our ABS on our Peugeot 206.
    It turned out in the end to be a rusted and split reluctor ring (the toothed ring) on the front right drive shaft.
    Now, we were told that the only way this could be fixed was with a complete new driveshaft at around £280!!!!:cry:
    However, after searching the Peugeot forums, we discovered that new rings are available on their own at only £16 and are quite easy to fit too!:Smile:
    I must add at this point, I am a mechanic by trade, but it would be a reasonable DIY job!

    Anyway, whilst viewing the site from which we bought the new ring, we noted rings are also available for Boxers and Ducatos. Hopefully this information might save a bit of cash for owners of older vans which might be suffering from the rust bug on their running gear!

    The link is above, hopefully it will help somebody out there!:BigGrin:
    And yes, our ABS light has gone out now and normal braking is resumed!
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    It's the same with the Smart Car, the reluctor rings rust and eventually crack. they also cost about 16.00 and are easy to fit.:Smile:

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