Bottled gas in Spain to go up in May !

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    GAS bottles will go up from 16.10 euros to 17.50 euros in May, and prices will be reviewed every two months thereafter, announces the ministry of industry.

    They intend to impose a maximum price for the year of 17.50 euros, and where consumer purchases do not cover costs, the deficit can be dealt with later.

    This is so that where costs go above 17.50 euros per bottle, this increase will not be passed onto the customer – for the year 2013 at least.

    Those who get their gas bottles via a delivery contract normally have to pay slightly more to cover the cost of distribution.

    The price increase is said to be a way of clawing back the deficit generated in January and, once this has been covered, the ministry will consider creating a 'charity gas bottle' scheme for the most hard-pressed consumers.

    By: thinkSPAIN , Sunday, March 3, 2013

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