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Sep 26, 2008
Thetford Norfolk
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BMF calls for easier decarb plan...​

The BMF, along with the National Motorcyclists Council (NMC) and industry body Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA), is calling on the Government to allow a less stringent decarbonisation plan for motorcycles and scooters. Click the red button to read more...

FEMA - Governments and employers should promote motorcycling...​

The BMF strongly agree with this, we will continue to promote motorcycling to local governments to recognise motorcycles and other powered two-wheelers as a part of the solution for urban traffic problems. We need employers and governments to work together to provide us riders with support for our commute. Somewhere to hang our jackets and a helmet is a simple start, that and safe, secure parking is a provision most employers could provide. Click the red button to read more...

Hackney Council called upon to deal fairly with motorcyclists as it presses ahead with new ‘Poverty Tax’...​

Hackney Borough Council in London have broken their promise to commuters, carers and residents who ride motorcycles for work and essential services. Click the red button to read more...
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