blimey two weeks old and no brownhills thread

Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by Adria 5, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. Adria 5

    Adria 5

    Jul 23, 2007
    hi BROWNHILLs :eek: something to chat about

    REPORTS here please

    hi:wub: Went recently only because we where visting newark ,sopposed to have gone to rowntree park but there was a risk of flooding so we went newark instead [ dont ask me why her indoors idea:wub:] anyway stopped at brownhills it was there summer spectacular and there was a few stands there memory foam, tyrone bands etc,
    we took a shine to a new lunar roadster, and was set upon by the rep giving us all the usual sales speak :Confused: what did it for us was if you order now you might get one for january 2008:whatthe: nice van though!!! needless to say we didnt buy:winky:

  2. justme AKA Grath

    justme AKA Grath BANNED

    Aug 16, 2007
    Well, I did think that Brownhills were s**t until recently.
    I made a silly offer and it was accepted as they needed to move some stock. (I would have paid the price privately with no guarantee)
    The sales team are total c**p and once you have paid a deposit, they do not want to know you. Not even until you pay in full!
    However on my return from a recent holiday in France, the water pump packed up when I arrived back in the UK.
    So I called in on my way home and they fitted a replacement straight away. I expected them to say that I would need to book it in but I was so surprised that they did it straight away.
    I think that they are trying to get their act together but they will have to go a long way to sort out all their problems.
    Would I buy again from them, No not unless it was a bargain as was this one.
    They had to service and MOT my recent purchase and the wiper blades fell off within 1 week of the MOT, so what confidence can I have in the service. None.
    But I still got a nice van at the right price.

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