Bit of a Wildy evening (Suisse big 5)

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    Mar 10, 2012
    Went out on Friday evening with the family and we had a late (for us) drive back down the mountain.

    Ok it's not an African big 5 but we did manage to spot 5 quite elusive critters all in one evening !

    1) We saw 2 young Hares, not leverets but I'd say half grown or so
    2) Next was a Chamoix that allowed us to stop on the opposite side of the road whilst the children took it all in. Bit of luck to see one really
    3) Some Roe deer (nothing special I know)
    4) 2 Badgers with 1 adult and 1 youngster that were foraging under a Cherry tree, a real delight to watch and a first for the children
    5) A fox, certainly wasn't the highlight but it made up the 5th

    OK the 5th should have been a Lynx but that was never going to happen, we'd have needed to camp up there for a year to have had a chance of a glimpse.

    The Chamoix and the Badgers were real highlights and the children were all inspired and we now have lots of drawings around the house.

    No pics (sorry) light was poor and my DSLR kit was at home, wasn't even going to waste my time with the phone and besides enjoying the moment was more important:Smile:
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