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Mar 26, 2012
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Having had years of visiting Europe going via Cairnryan or Liverpool ferries from Belfast and then driving through England to the tunnel or Dover, we thought for next year we would try northern Spain/Portugal area for a change. Researching best routes with the high cost of fuel now, it looks like Dublin/Cherbourg with Irish Ferries as we are heading to the Le Mans Classic and returning with Brittany Ferries Bilbao/Rosslare make a lot of sense. Overall the ferries are a good bit more expensive but saves a lot of driving and probably adds 4 full days to our holiday.

Our Motorhome is a 1998 Laika and is happy at 55/60 so can’t take advantage of being able to cruise at 70+ on the autoroutes and is getting around 22/23 mpg so saving 1000 driving coming home is a major consideration.

I just wondered, because I have seen it on some other posts,what the BF discount code is and how you get one? I would like to get our return trip booked as soon as possible as it will be at peak time the end of July.

Thank you anyone who can help.

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