Betsy's back with new bekts etc...

Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by acting_strange, May 14, 2011.

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    May 16, 2010
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    Well we just fetched Betsy back from CamperUK (where we bought her) and she's just had new cam belt kit etc and new auxliary belt. £350

    They told me I wouldn't have to worry for another 7 years? (2.8JTD Fiat 02)

    I would like to fit an LCD TV mount on the side of the wardrobe...any would be nice if it tilted and turned?
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    TV Mount for Bets'y wardrobe

    How thick is the side panel of the wardrobe?

    If around 12mm, I would reinforce it with 6 or 9mm pllywood, on the inside, as large as is reasonable. Glue and screw to wardrobe inner, using countersunk posi screws, at about 75mm centres. (check that these securing screws do not foul the TV mounting bracket screws.
    Use a good quality adhesive, and sand the inner wardrobe panel to remove sealer/polish, for the best key. Also a goood job to finish this panel (polish etc) before installing.

    This will provide a substancial base for your mount/tilt/swivel bracket, and the weight it will carry.

    I did this to install our TV in the TV cabinet, after removing the slideout tray, so ours is stored, and swings out when required. The cabinet is part of the same wardrobe unit, and we have not suffered any bowing of the end panel under stress.

    I hope this helps:thumb:

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