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  1. BobT

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    Jun 15, 2010
    Does anyone have any experience of these motorhomes? All contributions gratefully accepted.

  2. Teasy2007

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    Sep 26, 2007
    Rotherham South Yorkshire
    We saw the Bentley Oulton at Newark show last year and Mike just said WOW as we looked around. We ordered one, visited the factory at Swinton in South Yorkshire, and waited for it to be built. As soon as the base unit was delivered Richard Bentley rang us and asked if we would like to see it built and we visited 3 days on the trot to watch every stage of the build.

    We had one or two amendments which we wanted made and they were completed to our exact specification, some have been incorporated into all the new models. eg the locker door under the bed is now wide enough to enable Lafuma chairs to go in, reading lights in the cab area and an electric socket in the locker to enable outside cooking.

    Our Gaslow, solar panel and KVH dome were swapped from our old motorhome at no extra charge and at the build stage and extras like bike rack and D arm were also fitted as it was being built.

    We received a new electric hook up cable and external screens FOC, and the only problem we had was there was no internal cab screens. We really needed these as I dont feel safe on aires etc with the external screens. If we need to exit in a hurry it is no good if you have to get out of the cab to take off the screens. 5 months after delivery of the Oulton, Richard Bentley fitted folding screens to the front and side cab windows and they are brilliant!

    We received VIP tickets to the Renault World series and had a great weekend with a slap up packed lunch and all the trimmings.

    We have already had our first Bentley rally, in Derbyshire in November. It was great, 15 motorhomes and Richard Bentley putting on one of the best barbeques we have tasted, for free!

    We have nothing but praise for Bentley motorhomes, Richard Bentley and his dad Gordon have been great and one of the best things was being able to see our motorhome being built and knowing that Bentley's were just a phone call away from giving any help they could.

    My advice to you is to give them a ring and ask to visit the factory yourself and see how they are built! Then all you have to do is work out which of the range best suits your needs and your pocket!

    All the best

    Ginny and Mike
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  3. Madmark62

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    Sep 28, 2011
    Wakefield West Yorkshire
    The company I work for supply some materials for the Bentley motorhomes and it is my job to deliver them. I have been to the factory approx 20 times from before they had even got all the machines etc in. They are a great set of people and I have been shown around a few times, the quality of the vans is superb, whether they are value for money I dont know because I have no idea of the cost, but I do know that when we are ready to buy a new van, Bentley will be the first one we visit.
  4. canopus

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    Nov 27, 2010
    rural Lincolnshire

    Speak to Teasy2007 - Ginny & Mike - they have a Bentley Oulton and hold the company in high regard. Tell em Ken & Lynda told you:thumb:

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